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New York Office

Emergency Planning:

  • Develop and implement comprehensive emergency plans.

  • Identify and mitigate potential risks and vulnerabilities.

  • Ensure preparedness for various emergency scenarios.

Safety & Security Engineering Consultancy:

  • Provide expertise in safeguarding people, property, processes, and profits.

  • Conduct holistic assessments addressing hazards, threats, risks, and vulnerabilities.

  • Develop strategies to enhance safety and security measures.

Innovative Technology Solutions:

  • Architect and implement the Aegis™ Platform for emergency action planning.

  • Develop and deploy iLEAD Mobile Learning for real-time training and response.

Risk & Vulnerability Assessments:

  • Conduct thorough assessments to identify and analyze potential risks.

  • Develop strategies for risk mitigation and management.

Continuity Planning:

  • Assist in developing and implementing continuity plans for business operations.

  • Identify critical functions and resources to ensure operational resilience.

Incident Command System (ICS) Implementation:

  • Assist in implementing ICS, the national standard for protecting critical infrastructure.

  • Ensure alignment with FEMA's "All Hazards" protocols.

Strategic Consulting & Advising  

At Critical Response Technologies (CRT), we specialize in strategic consulting services, dedicated to safeguarding people, property, and processes. With a strong focus on Emergency Planning and Safety & Security Engineering, we offer unparalleled expertise.

What Sets Us Apart
As the innovators behind the Aegis™ Platform and iLEAD Mobile Learning, CRT leads in comprehensive consulting. Our holistic approach addresses hazards, threats, risks, and vulnerabilities, ensuring the protection of your organization's people, property, and profitability.

Aegis Technology - Actionable Solutions
Experience the power of Aegis Mobile Assistant Pro, our award-winning SaaS. Serving as a central hub for emergency action planning and FEMA's protocols, Aegis empowers your team with real-time intelligence. Ensure readiness for all emergency response stages with this transformative tool.

Expert Guidance:

  • Offer expert advice on safety, security, and business continuity challenges.

  • Provide complimentary guidance to address specific organizational needs.

Client-Focused Solutions:

  • Serve property management teams, facility owners, and diverse commercial entities.

  • Deliver emergency planning and response technology tailored to client's specific requirements.

Aegis Mobile Assistant Pro:

  • Advise on the implementation and utilization of the award-winning SaaS solution.

  • Offer guidance on utilizing geospatial, communications, and training capabilities.

Our Expert Consultant  - Director of Sales & Marketing


Jose Ortiz is a seasoned professional with a rich background in delivering strategic consulting solutions within Critical Response Technologies (CRT). Armed with a (MBA) degree from Northern Arizona University, With a comprehensive understanding of business dynamics and a strategic mindset in the consultancy space. With a proven track record of success, Jose has successfully navigated complex challenges in emergency planning, safety, security, and business continuity. Leveraging his advanced education and practical experience, he consistently contributes to the development and implementation of cutting-edge solutions that safeguard clients' interests. Jose is dedicated to client success, demonstrating a commitment to understanding the unique needs of each organization and tailoring effective strategies to ensure resilience in the face of evolving challenges.

Jose Ortiz, MBA Graduate from Northern Arizona University in Strategic Management/ Marketing. 

Contact us: (928) 863-0497

Compliance Assurance:

  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards.

  • Provide advice on navigating complex regulatory landscapes.

Training and E-Learning:

  • Develop process-driven e-learning solutions for employees and stakeholders.

  • Enhance training programs to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

"Our services collectively aim to empower organizations to proactively manage risks, enhance safety measures, and ensure business continuity under any circumstance. CRT's expertise spans a diverse range of industries, making it a valuable consulting partner for organizations facing complex challenges in safety, security, and emergency preparedness."

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