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Emergency Planning

Safety & Security Engineering Consultancy

Architect of the Aegis™ Platform

Developer of iLEAD Mobile Learning 




  • Aegis Mobile Assistant Pro - Award winning mobile learning then doing SaaS 

  • Aegis Emergency Action Plan Virtual “hub” CRT’s emergency management solutions.

    • Animates the execution of FEMA’s “All Hazards” protocols (Prevention, Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Mitigation),

    • Incident Command System (ICS), the national standard for protecting Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR’s).


Property management teams and facility owners who are responsible for these properties, and more importantly, for their occupants. CRT delivers this critical emergency planning and response technology tool to the fingertips of our clients, and to their first responding public safety agencies (police, fire and emergency medical), via a website interface and mobile application. Stakeholders are now “armed” with a comprehensive, cutting-edge, knowledgebase of interactive actionable intelligence, specific to their property.



After a 25 year career as a Police Officer in the San Francisco Bay area, and 15 years as a senior security consultant with several large engineering companies and government contractors, Critical Response Technologies was created in 2005 to fill sizable technology operational gaps in organizational protection, continuity, compliance and employee training.



Frank assembled the most trusted team of experts in emergency planning, security, risk & vulnerability assessments, anti-terrorism force protection, electronic security design and installation planning, quality control management for high-level security guard services.


Early clients included public utilities, the military, state, local and federal government agencies, private organizations and a diverse variety of commercial business entities.

This enables CRT to effectively serve our nation’s critical infrastructure with sophisticated, cutting-edge safety, security and emergency planning solutions as well as address the specialized needs of the highly regulated healthcare industry, for not only emergency preparedness and response solutions, but for mitigating liabilities related to patient records privacy, associated with compliance regulations, as specified by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

Saving lives, protecting property assets, limiting liability, ensuring compliance and providing a rapid, safe, informed response to any emergency situation - this is the mission of our founders and the guiding principles of Critical Response Technologies, Inc.

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