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Frank Harper

President / Founder

Barry Herrin

General Counsel Healthcare Sector



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Dave Burgon

Director of IT

David Zerbee.png

David Zerbee

General Counsel

CRT’s principals possess a wide range of professional expertise distinguishing themselves with decades of multidiscipline experience.


Subject matter experts who have acquired various professional certifications and credentials, some with government clearances.


Partner experience includes, but is not limited to:


Federal, state, local law enforcement, fire services, emergency medical (EMS), emergency management 


Organizational continuity planning, intelligence community, legal (practicing attorneys), information technology


Cyber security, whole-system security (red teaming), healthcare sector, insurance industry, and industrial security.

Physical Electronic Security System Integration, Command and Control Design.


Mobile Technology Development, Business efficiency and KPI

Industry specific corporate and supplier trainers, iLEAD Learning Platform 




All partners, consultants, and associates possess extensive “reach-back” capabilities. We have access to a wide array of business to business partner companies as well as independent specialized consultants.

the team
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