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Critical Response Technologies prides itself on being an inclusive, socially responsible and environmentally conscious small business. Some of the concepts and initiatives that we employ, and deploy, are listed below. These include but are not limited to:

  • Diverse Business: Our shareholders, consultants and business to business partners are well represented with a  cadre of highly qualified professional, men and women representing diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

  • Telecommuting: We do not maintain a central office. Since our business model is largely technology centric, a majority of our work is accomplished from our local offices and client locations. We  telecommute by leveraging technology to work and communicate. This corporate structure and culture promotes resiliency, sustainability and conservation.

  • Energy Efficient Offices: Our office spaces are largely of newer construction, and were built with energy efficient/conservation features. 

  • Recycling: We practice recycling based on the policies and protocols of local service providers.

  • Vehicles: We limit travel and utilize fuel efficient hybrid vehicles when traveling.

  • Company/Personal: Standard common-sense conservation with a balanced and efficient business value proposition.

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