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Saving lives, protecting property assets, ensuring compliance, limiting liability and facilitating a rapid, safe, informed response to any emergency situation - this is the mission of our founders and the guiding principles of Critical Response Technologies.


CRT's Aegis™ program is a sophisticated server-based emergency management system consisting of proprietary software integrated with proven public safety (law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical), and security industry best practices and methodologies. Our cutting-edge solution delivers mission critical, location specific (building, facility, complex, venue), multimedia intelligence to the fingertips of first responding public safety agencies and facility management teams, delivered via an interactive web interface.

  • Who we serve:

    • Commercial Real Estate (high-rise buildings, shopping malls, office buildings)

    • Educational Institutions (K-12, colleges and universities)

    • Healthcare (hospitals, medical centers, clinics, covered entities)

    • Hospitality Industry (hotels, resorts, casinos)

    • Entertainment (sports stadiums, areans, concert halls, amusement parks)

    • Residential Real Estate (high-density residential complexes)

    • Transportation Infrastructure (highways, light/heavy rail, air travel, ports, shipping) 

    • Governmental Infrastructure (local, state, federal)

    • Essentially our nation's critical infrastructure and key resources (CIKR) where the citizen public congregates for employment, education, healthcare, recreation, shopping, transportation, etc.

  • Our clients are the property management teams that are responsible for the facilities, the assets, and most importantly for the people that occupy the buildings, facilities and complexes that they oversee.

  • End users are the facility's operations management teams, as well as the local, state and federal public safety organizations that are responsible for protecting those properties and venues.

  • Aegis establishes a common operating language that along with accompanying methodologies, integrated software, and training empowers stakeholders, and the citizen public, with preventative and protective life-saving strategies.

  • Additionally, clients, particularly those in the healthcare community and insurance industry, benefit significantly with a critical hedge against liability exposure.

  • Big Data and Analytics integrated and effectively managed provide situational awareness in as close to real-time as possible.

  • Aegis animates the protocols of emergency management; prevention, preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.

  • Aegis facilitates a rapid, safer and more INFORMED response to any emergency situation.

  • Saves lives, minimizes property damage, helps to more quickly contain collateral involvement and limits liability based on proactive program deployment.  




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