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Each product and service category can be scaled, customized and configured to match the exact requirements of our clients.


CRT corporate leadership, project managers, consultants and technicians are consummate professionals, many are qualified subject matter experts (SME) in their respective areas of expertise.


Our teams have demonstrable training, experience and people skills. This ensures that we are engaged with your project and are competently identifying, configuring and deploying each element to the highest standard of quality.

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Aegis Emergency Management and Mobile Application

Desktop/laptop and mobile device (smartphone/tablet) web-based emergency management solution providing 24/7 access, to critical information from any location.


Nineteen (19) multimedia Core Elements reporting on over thirty (30) Operational Categories in addition to integrated HIPAA patient privacy compliance features specific to hospitals and other healthcare facilities (covered entities).


Core Elements begin with interactive reports covering all critical operating systems, areas of operation and personnel including a security, risk & vulnerability assessment.


Reporting Categories further define and document mechanical, nonmechanical, electrical operating systems, physical areas of operation, occupancy and function.


Reports are supplemented by interactive multimedia resources including but not limited to:

Charts and graphs visually depict applicable assets 

Captioned and geolocated digital photos

Captioned and geolocated "walk-thru" videos 


Interactive and dynamically linked CAD drawings (floor plans, site plans and mapping)

2-D, 3-D and “fly through” virtual tours utilizing specialized software and Laser/LIDAR mapping technology 


Interactive access to facility personnel and hazardous materials inventories 


Wide-range of survey documents such as security, risk & vulnerability assessments, and COOP, CEMP, BCP, EOP continuity/contingency surveys


Training and exercises covering such topics as active shooters and a myriad of other “likely to occur” emergency situations


Electronic tracking of personnel


Electronic tracking of high-value equipment and inventories


Systems monitoring - electronic security (CCTV, access control, intrusion protection)


Wayfinding capabilities

And more....


Aegis is scalable and customizable for client requirement and budget as well as for local public safety agency’s requirements, if desired.


Phased deployment strategies offer increased situational awareness up to and including real-time.


“View Something / Do Something” mobile application provides instantaneous communications at all staff levels via smartphones and other mobile devices. 


Communications, systems monitoring, tracking routine day-to-day activity, as well as emergency management, via mobile devices (smartphones and iPads).


Program information is stored in a highly secure and redundantly reliable, top-tier server powered networks. 


Information delivered by a user-friendly web interface.


Contingency plans are available that ensures access to a large percentage of data even in the event that Internet connectivity is compromised or power is lost.

Training and Exercises

  • Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Compliant

  • Two exercise categories - Discussion-based and Operations based with 7 exercise types, each one offering scenarios of increasing complexity

  • Exercises conducted based on emergency events that are likely to occur at your location

  • Active Shooter Training 


  • ​Facility and site mapping using Laser/LIDAR technology

  • CAD drawings 

  • 2-D, 3-D, “Fly-Through”, 3-D Virtual Tours

  • Digital photography and “walk-through” 360° video

Cyber Security

  • Network penetration testing

  • Application penetration testing

  • Wireless penetration testing

  • Infrastructure testing

  • Social engineering/phishing

  • Adversarial emulation​

Electronic Security 

  • ​CCTV (cameras, recording devices, remote monitoring)

  • Access control (access mgmt, mobile access, reporting)

  • Alarm intrusion protection and monitoring

  • Fire monitoring and suppression systems

  • Full-service integrations and management focused on the entire life cycle of the solution

  • Innovative holistic approach to electronic security system sales and management

    • New installations

    • Upgrades

    • Maintenance

    • Whole system, managed installations, upgrades and buy-back plans 

Whole-System Safety and Security

  • Red Teaming (Organization-Wide Security Testing) 

  • Organizational assessment w/gap analysis

  • Analytical assessment

  • Operational assessment

  • Technical assessment​

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